The Cherry Orchard
 The Cherry Orchard; Director: Peter Senkbeil
 2009; USC Concordia University
Six Feet
 Six Feet; Director: Jeremy White
 2009; UCLA student film
 Solemates; Director: Oliver Riley-Smith
 2009; USC student film
 Jukebox; Director: Ryan Scott Oliver
 2009; Pasadena Musical Theater Program
The Muskrat Boy of Griffith Park
 The Muskrat Boy of Griffith Park; Director: Emmy Grinwis
 2009; AFI Directing Workshop For Women
Life is a Cabaret
 Life is a Cabaret; Director: Ryan Scott Oliver
 2009; The G.A.T.E. Winter Musical Theater Program
 Metamorphoses; Director: Tony Vezner
 2009; Concordia University
Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol
 Jacob Marley's Christmas Carol; Director: Tony Vezner
 2008; The Chance Theater
For Want
 For Want; Director: Marcela Coto
 2008; AFI film project
Les Mizery
 Les Mizery; Director: Ryan Scott Oliver
 2008; The G.A.T.E. Summer Musical Theater Program
Plastic Crystal
 Plastic Crystal; Director: Abby Craden
 2008; The Open Fist Theater
Sundust Particles
 Sundust Particles; Director: Patrick Froelich
 2008; AFI Thesis Film
 Samantha; Director: Soraya Selene
 2008; UCLA Film Project
Dark Ages
 Dark Ages; Director: Brandon Hyman
 2007; UCLA Thesis Film
Twelfth Night
 Twelfth Night; Director: Katherine Futterer
 2007; Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton CA
The Cabin
 The Cabin; Director: Claudia Sparrow
 2007; AFI film project
Chasing Sleep
 Chasing Sleep; Director: Patrick Froelich
 2007; AFI film project
True West
 True West; Director: Hezekiah Lewis
 2007; Promenade Playhouse, Santa Monica, CA
I Am But A Fool
 I Am But A Fool; Director: Eddie Kim
 2007; UCLA Film Project
Bury The Love Axe
 Bury The Love Axe; Director: Christian Fillepella
 2007; AFI Film Project
 Fotograf; Director: Patrick Froelich
 2007; AFI Film Project
The Newsroom
 The Newsroom; Director: Brandon Hyman
 2006; UCLA Film Project
Werner's Lost Symphony
 Werner's Lost Symphony; Director: Patrick Froelich
 2006; AFI Film Project
 Mouse; Director: Mohamad Taha
 2006; UCLA Film Project
Love's Labours Lost
 Love's Labours Lost; Director: Simon Abkarian
 2006; The Actor's Gang, Los Angeles CA
The Inconsistencies of Jonathan Finch
 The Inconsistencies of Jonathan Finch; Director: Anya Leta
 2006; UCLA Thesis Film
 2006; UCLA Class Project
Blogger Project
 Blogger Project; Director: Mel Shapiro
 2006; UCLA Department of Theater
 X-CAPE; Cinematographer: Catherine Pallascio
 2005; AFI Film Project
All My Sons
 All My Sons
 2005; UCLA Class Project
 Collectibles; Director: Miranda Yousef
 2005; UCLA Thesis Film
 2005; UCLA Class Project
Miscellaneous Costume Designs
 Miscellaneous Costume Designs
 2005; UCLA Class Project
Mad Acts
 Mad Acts; Director: Michael Hackett
 2005; UCLA Department of Theater
Hello Dolly
 Hello, Dolly!
 2004; UCLA Class Project
 2004; UCLA Class Project
King Lear
 King Lear
 2004; UCLA Class Project
 2004; UCLA Film Department
 2004; UCLA Class Project
From Dust Thou Art
 From Dust Thou Art
 2003; UCLA Class Project
The Fantastiks
 The Fantastiks; Director: C. Michael Wright
 2003; Skylight Opera Theatre; Milwaukee WI